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Photography Workshop: Lights, Shadow, Night & Twilight

Light, Shadow, Night and Twilight by brooks on Dec 1, 2011 � 5:20 pm No Comments Light, shadow, night and twilight� These are the tools David H. Wells uses as he makes his award winning �Light Studies,� photo-essays exploring the light and atmosphere of different places. Train stations, shrines, city centers, buildings and the like are just a few potential subjects for such �Light Studies.� Please join us for this award winning photographers workshop! David H. Wells is a freelance editorial photographer who specializes in producing these on location, across the globe. His finished �Light Studies� have been published in general interest magazines as well as photography magazines, and have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions. Spending time with this master of light and shadow, who will help you understand how to make your own �Light Studies.� Wells will share specific techniques and particular images that highlight those used to create his �Light Study� photo-essays. Through this workshop you will learn:2011 David H. Wells � Specific issues of time of day, and morning vs. evening light � Quality and direction of light � Scouting a location with a compass to plot the play of light � Importance of the photographer�s position � Use of lines, light and dark This lecture and shooting class has extensive visuals to introduce you to the important and useful approach to using available light. Participants will gain a better understanding of available light, how it is shaped by the time of day, seasons, and the photographer�s perspective. Tell your story though light! Workshop Instructor: David H. Wells Dates: February 24-26, 2012 Location: Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA Cost: $530 (includes lunches) For more information visit: http://workshops.brooks.edu/light-shadow-night-and-twilight/